Group 1 – RE:MAKE




  • Thomas Christensen –
  • Steen Thomassen – – @steenthomassen
  • Jakob Andresen – @jacobandresen
  • Mia Gjelstrup – 29820886 – journalist/ideas



Short description of idea:

Platform for recreating art and interacting with culture and history – especially for drawing/painting.

  • You can CREATE: find a painting or art piece in SMK’s archive, that you want to draw , make the drawing and upload it.
  • You can EXPLORE: search the archive with original paintings and recreations.

It can  be expanded to other historical data:

  • Before/after: Retake historical pictures of places or statues – from Københavns Stadsarkiv, Kolding Stadsarkiv or other historical archives.
  • Film: Remake a video clip from the Danish Film Institute
  • ….

Dataset/method used:

SMK – archive with paintings and other artpieces

Link to project:

Final project presentation (video):