More information on all projects and datasets, look here: #HACK4DK 2013 Google Doc

Copenhagen Heat Map, winner project by Rasmus Lorentzen

Natmus Image Mosaic, runner up by Kræn Hansen
2013-10-01 11_50_51-Hack4DK 2013 - Natmus Mosaic – Google Chrome

Vores kunst, Windows Phone app (LINK)
2013-12-19 23_06_09-Vores Kunst _ Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States) – Google Chrome

Prototype made at #HACK4DK, finished and published afterwards

Wikipedia Link Visualization by Rasmus Erik
2013-10-01 14_07_56-D3 Wikipedia – Google Chrome

Art Quiz by Rasmus Erik
2013-10-01 14_18_40-Art Quiz – Google Chrome

FasHISTOnista by Kim Bach and Ditte Bergstrøm
2013-10-01 – Google Chrome

Mail Art Pocketmuseum visualized on map
2013-10-03 11_37_24-MAIL BOX MAIL ART – Google Chrome

Who painted whom by Thorbjørn, Sebastien & Chris from SMK
Who painted whom

Public Art Search Engine
public art search engine

Wikipedia – National filmography tool
Wikipedia - Nationa Filmography Tool

Post-event hacks from Ole Palnatoke

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