HACK4DK17 Full Program

The complete HACK4DK17 program is ready!Look here:

15.30-16.00: Welcome and registration
16.00: Kickoff
16.30-17.00: A few projects from previous HACK4DK participants
17.00-18.00: The 2017 datasets are presented
18.00-19.00: Networking and datashopping. Grab’n-go dinner
19.30: Open mic – pitch your ideas, and calls for projects/participants
00.00: Goodnight, see you tomorrow

09.00-09.30: HACK4DK opens, coffee and croissants
09.30: Hacking
(11.00: Calls for projects/participants)
12.00: Lunch
12.00: More hacking
19.00: Dinner!
20.00: Hack, hack, hack or:
20.00: CEO – Bend-O-Rama band and a beer
24.00: Goodnight, see you tomorrow

Kl. Coffee and bread
Kl. 09.30-13.30: Final hacking
Kl. 12.00: Grab’n’go lunch
Kl. 13.30: Presentations of the 2017 HACK4DK projects
Kl. 15.30: Voting
Kl. 16.00. Talk about STORM20 – Charlotte S. H. Jensen
Kl. 16.30: The winner is presented
Kl. 17.00: Goodbye

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