HACK4DK17 Full Program

The complete HACK4DK17 program is ready!Look here:

15.30-16.00: Welcome and registration
16.00: Kickoff
16.30-17.00: A few projects from previous HACK4DK participants
17.00-18.00: The 2017 datasets are presented
18.00-19.00: Networking and datashopping. Grab’n-go dinner
19.30: Open mic – pitch your ideas, and calls for projects/participants
00.00: Goodnight, see you tomorrow

09.00-09.30: HACK4DK opens, coffee and croissants
09.30: Hacking
(11.00: Calls for projects/participants)
12.00: Lunch
12.00: More hacking
19.00: Dinner!
20.00: Hack, hack, hack or:
20.00: CEO – Bend-O-Rama band and a beer
24.00: Goodnight, see you tomorrow

Kl. Coffee and bread
Kl. 09.30-13.30: Final hacking
Kl. 12.00: Grab’n’go lunch
Kl. 13.30: Presentations of the 2017 HACK4DK projects
Kl. 15.30: Voting
Kl. 16.00. Talk about STORM20 – Charlotte S. H. Jensen
Kl. 16.30: The winner is presented
Kl. 17.00: Goodbye

HACK4DK 2017

We are happy  to announce that HACK4DK17 will take place at Enigma – Museum for Post, Tele & Kommunikation from September 29th to October 1st – 2017.

The hack will begin at 15:30 on Friday and ends Sunday afternoon.We hope you all will want to join us for three amazing days in the framework of an exciting and experimental museum.

There is only a limited number of tickets so go get your free ticket on Eventbrite now!!

Keep an eye at our twitter and FB accounts and this website for more news and information about the upcoming hackaton.

HACK4DK 2016 – in (a few) pictures and words

DAY 3: concentration, work, panic, work, presentations, voting, and the winner is …


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work1       work

DAY 2: work, work, work – shhhh … concentration, great concepts in the making

img_5896            img_5897

img_5903              img_5904

img_5901               img_5902

DAY 1: ignites, pitches, questions, meeting people, getting ideas, developing concepts and drinks, music and VJ from the 1980’s with 8bitklubben

img_5871              img_5872

img_5873    img_5874

img_5875                img_5890

Hack4Norden 2016

Calling entrepreneurs, start-ups and creative developers with an interest in culture, open data or the Nordic.

The cultural hackathon, Hack4DK returns September 23rd to 25th, and this year we add yet another layer to the traditional hackathon. In addition to Hack4DK, we offer the opportunity of competing in our Nordic competition track, Hack4Norden.

The winning group wins the price of a trip to Slush Festival in Helsinki this November, where they will pitch their project to investors and engineers from 100 countries, competing for a prize worth of NOK 250.000:

  • The participants will be contacted by Nordic Innovation and be introduced to the coaches who will start preparing them for their pitch.
  • The coaches will lead the prepping process up till the day of the pitch 1 December 2017, including a whole day workshop on 30 November 2017.
  • The national teams will be able to reimburse costs of maximum NOK 25.000 related to Slush.
  • The Nordic winner will receive tailored business support services after Slush Festival, depending on their needs (marketing support, legal advice, help with patent applications and so on).

All it takes to enter the Hack4Norden competition is to work within the sphere of Nordic data or –culture. The participation criteria for the Nordic competition are:

  • The proposed service or solution should have a clearly defined value proposition (including a specified target group/customer/user), explaining how the service/solution solves a specific problem, improves a situation and/or delivers specific benefits to users AND
  • The team consists of people from at least two Nordic countries (not nationalities) AND/OR
  • The team uses datasets from at least two Nordic countries AND/OR
  • The team aims to solve challenges related to a Nordic theme/priority

To see a selection and read more about the Nordic data sets click here: http://bit.ly/2cDIIn7

The jury consists of:

Eline Wernberg Sigfusson, Nordisk Kulturfond
Rolf Källman, Digisam
Laila Pawlak, Dare2

Projects submitted to the Hack4Norden challenge will be judged against the following criteria:

  • Innovation and creativity: new products, technologies, services or improvements to existing solutions, combining or implementing these in new ways, and creative use (e.g. visualizations, 3D-printing, storytelling and more)
  • Nordic datasets: number of datasets from different Nordic countries employed in the service/solution
  • Business/commercial potential
  • Relevance for Nordic themes (see http://www.norden.org for inspiration, one example is Nordic Nutrition and New Nordic Food)
  • Nordic-wide issues or challenges: services/solutions that could easily be exported to other Nordic countries
  • There will be a special reward for creative ideas or solutions aimed at combining data from and encouraging collaboration between actors in the Nordic ‘digital ecosystem’:
  1. Citizens/users (e.g. crowdsourcing data / ‘citizen science’)
  2. Private sector (start-ups, SMEs, large corporations)
  3. Public sector (ministries, directorates etc.)

To experience the ingenuity and collaboration of technology, creativity and culture follow our Facebook site Hack4DK.

To see the official Hack4Norden announcement click here.


Thanks to everybody for making this years HACK4DK another great hack


“Mærk historien” by Helle Bech Madsen, Mia Gjelstrup, Rasmus Lorentzen and Jens Feodor Nielsen


Try the game here: http://stamps.museum.odense.dk/


Day 3: Hack, hack, presentations, voting, winner, packing down, goodbye

IMG_4011 IMG_4013

Day 2: Hack, hack, fresh air, hack, pizza, hack

IMG_4001[1] IMG_4004[1]

Day 1: Brainstorm, lots of ideas and forming groups
Hack, hack, hack – everybody is working hard!

IMG_3984 IMG_3986

IMG_3987 IMG_3988

See you soon! – and how to get to #HACK4DK 2015

We look so much forward to see you all for #HACK4DK! Find us here:

We’ve partnered with Sharing is caring this year, the international conference on digital heritage in Copenhagen. And we love the fact that HACK4DK will take place in the very room where Sharing is caring was kicked off in 2011.


Photo:Lars Lundqvist – License: CC-BY-NC-SA – Source: flic.kr/p/aDWe78

Sold out :o(

The initial 80 tickets for HACK4DK got picked up fairly quickly…

Sorry about that. We’re trying to expand our capacity, so please sign up for the waitlist if you want to take part of this year’s event: HACK4DK @ Eventbrite